Basketball players practice shooting layups before every game because they know that the practice pays off. They think to themselves “I know I’m gonna need that in the game.” In life, there are layups that we can practice daily too. There are fundamental right little things that we can do daily; we can hold the door for others, be nice to others, and stand up for others. The key is to develop good habits or rituals that you do no matter what. When you get the basics of life-layups down, things tend to fall into place. I have added many good friends to my life by always trying to be nice to others. Since adding principles like this into my life, I have added consistent happiness into my life.

It isn’t too hard to do these right little things. It isn’t that difficult to be respectful to others. Using the words “please”, “thank you”, “sir”, “ma’am”, “miss”, “excuse me”, and “sorry” is not that hard. In school, it isn’t too hard to show up to class and do all of the homework assignments. Even though I am not the best test taker, I am still able to do well in school. It is because I don’t miss the small, but important things in school of attending class and doing homework. In relationships, I am able to make up for mishaps by apologizing and being kind to others. In work, I am able to overcome not being the smartest by working hard. In relationships and work, I have a little bit of leeway because of these little things. I try to make the life-layups of being respectful, kind, and hardworking. These little things are the bedrock of any big successes I have had or will have in life. Mastering the little things pays large dividends.

All of the small things added up is a large sum. You are a more respected person when you can handle yourself well and are good to others. But when you are committed to doing the little things right, you feel your conscience move your body forward to doing what is right. You make a lot more friends in life when you do the right thing and pick up something that someone dropped or chase someone down who left their phone at the table. You also feel great when you perform these small acts of kindness. You will feel like you are doing the right thing and might get more joy out of making these layups than the beneficiary of your little kind act.

In work, life, school, and relationships don’t miss the easy good things that you can do with little effort. When something bad happens to a friend, practice shooting them a text or asking them how he is doing in person. Small things like checking up on a friend does not go unnoticed and leads to a stronger bond. In school, going to classes, participating, and doing all of your homework can lead to a solid grade even with a few mediocre exam scores. In work, weekly asking your boss if they need help on anything can only help you out. A little extra effort goes a long way. So, find little good things to do across your life that you can easily perform. When you consistently do the small things right, your life seems to work out. So, go practice your layups so you reap the rewards.



Find layups in your life that can lead to a better life for yourself and others around you. Practice these little good things until they become a habit.


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