Spend time with others talking about what you want in life. Discuss your dreams and ambitions with friends and family. It will give you feedback from others about how to accomplish your goals. Your friends might know the way to successfully accomplish your goals. They might be the person or know the right person that can help make your dreams a reality. So, put yourself out there and expose your dreams. Besides, discussing your dreams with others will help hold you accountable when you think about quitting on your dreams.

I wouldn’t currently be writing this if I didn’t feel responsible to follow my dream of writing a book. Whenever you are committed to following the path you built for yourself, sometimes you will wonder why you didn’t just accept an average life. The path to greatness isn’t an easy task, everyone would be great if it were. Your path is discolored by the sweat and blood you expend into your passions. There are always tough times on this path and in life when you will want to give up. But when you remember that you have told the world what you wanted, you will feel a sense of responsibility to finish what you started. Talking about your dreams can get you to continue onwards with them or to begin your journey. All it takes sometimes is for one friend or person to say to you “so, why haven’t you started doing it?” to get a true brave person to go after it. The people who make excuses left and right for not following dreams live in a self-imposed box. Their closed mind is really the main thing between them getting what they want and them doing nothing about it. So, if you want to get what you want in life, tell others what you want and don’t make excuses when called out about it. It can get you to follow your desires.

Have life nights. Have nights where you talk about your life and what you want from it because what is a more important topic than life itself? My friends and I had life nights throughout our sophomore year living in our fraternity. In one year I figured out what I wanted in life more than ever before because my friends and I expressed what we wanted, what drives us, and what we need out of life. Talking about it and reflecting upon it in your own time helps you become able to crystalize what it is you exactly want. The more you think about it the more you want it. This can lead to you taking steps towards getting what you want.

You will begin to do what is necessary for you to accomplish your goals when you become obsessed with them. You will realize that most dreams are actualized by people who are great. So, you will have to improve yourself and get better in order for you to succeed. You will become mentally stronger, more intelligent, and a more determined person because you realize that you have to in order to succeed. Even if the worst thing possible happens and you fail, you will have failed while growing as a person. Taking the chance was worth it because you might grow more in the months and years of following your dreams than your years previously combined. Any man that’s taking a chance on himself can look in the mirror with respect for himself.

Talking about and following your dreams can make this all happen. You will discover what it is that you need for you to be happy. You will hone in on what you need to do in order to accomplish your dreams by discussing them with others and receiving feedback. You will be held accountable by those close to you to follow your heart and to not give up. Finally, you will either succeed or fail. Regardless of the outcome, you will have done what very few do. You followed your dreams. That is special in itself.


Spend a night with somebody close to you and discuss what you want to accomplish in your life. Reflect in your own time about what you expressed. Then tell your friends and family what you want in life. Come up with a way for you to get started on your dreams and finally, take the first step.


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