It is way more often than not that the man with better communication skills outperforms the man with superior book smarts in their work lives. The benefit of being able to crunch numbers better than others for most people only lasts for so long. In sales, management, and in many other jobs, being able to communicate with your co-workers and customers is what leads to success. Regardless of doing well in work, it is a lot more enjoyable to live a life where you are able to have good conversations with others. Having good communication skills increases the opportunities for you to form more strong relationships in your life.

If you are not able to communicate well with others, how do you expect to form a solid bond with another person? Excluding family, classmates and/or co-workers, you aren’t blessed with being in another person’s presence on a daily basis. The people you meet at a party or a restaurant is a one-time encounter unless you build a strong rapport with them. So many great relationships are not formed in life because both parties have trouble communicating with each other. Learning how to communicate effectively can lead to a massive influx of friendships.

The benefits of being an effective communicator is outstanding. Your work performance and quality of relationships will be increased tremendously by being a strong communicator. People managing others and at the top of organizations have to be good at communicating with others. So, if you want to make it to the top in work, work on becoming a stronger communicator. It will also improve the quality of relationships in your personal life when you communicate well. (Not to mention it will also attract potential partners) Hundreds of shouting matches are avoided by speaking clearly and understanding others well through listening. Countless arguments root in miscommunication. Avoiding disagreements by effective communication with others will improve your work and home life.

The art of listening is often way too overlooked. It is a lot more enjoyable for most to be able to speak their mind effectively than to listen. However, listening is the backbone of effective communication. No matter how logical or straightforward a point made by yourself or someone else, if the person is not listened to, the point may as well have not been made. When you listen to others, they will feel the urge to reciprocate the courtesy you gave them and listen to you in return. The best kind of communication is where both sides speak their mind and feels listened to and respected. Strong bonds are built by those who can speak and listen well to one another. These bonds are built on respect and as Bryant H. McGill said so well,

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

Respect and listening are the bedrock of effective communication. If you want to have more success in work and more importantly in your relationships, make the effort to listen to others. The effort will pay off.


Practice to listen to others in all of your conversations today. See if the people you communicate with today leave the conversation with a smile on their face or not. Chances are they will.



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