Great discoveries and great inventions are founded during one’s free time. The greatest discoveries come from people who comeback home from work or school to work and learn more about what gets their blood pumping. You know you are onto something when something intrigues you and you can’t stop learning and thinking about it all the time. When you spend your time on something that fascinates you, you naturally get better at it. You learn to master what captures your imagination. Mastering things can lead to success in fulfillment and making a fortune. Find something that fascinates you and run with it.

All great inventors and creators have buried themselves in educating themselves in their free time. They realize that one needs to learn certain skills or sometimes try hundreds of times in order to succeed. Like Thomas Edison who found electricity. He failed over a thousand times to make the lightbulb work, but never stopped learning from his mistakes and trying new ways. The result of his efforts are the lights in the room you sit in. All of the great inventions and companies we take for granted today are rooted in their creators going head first into their passion. Our cellphones, laptops, and cars are all rooted in one person having a vision and working their tails off to accomplish it. The things you learn willingly in your free time will pay off. As Jim Rohn said,

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”

I have found that any great success I may have in life will be rooted in self-educating myself. The moment I read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, I knew my life had changed completely. I was so motivated to be the best I could be after reading the book that I knew immediately I would spend the rest of my life learning about self-psychology. My belief in myself became so strong that I believed I was capable of accomplishing whatever I put my mind to. It was so refreshing that I felt I had relearned how to dream again. I only had read two or three books recreationally in my life before my sophomore year of college when I read it. I have read nearly twenty times that in the field of self-psychology and biography in the three years following. Once you get a taste of self-education, your body craves more. Self-education leads to a snowball effect of positive actions.

The benefits of self-education are outstanding. You get what you put in and then some. When you give your life to a certain cause or topic you become a master at whatever it is. You spend all of your free time doing it and the hours add up. When you engulf your life with something you become a part of its force. More often than not, one is also paid back handsomely for your skill. People want products or people that excel at what they do so, money will come to those who self-educate. Finally, it will improve other areas of your life this passion. You will feel a feeling of fulfillment when you follow your heart and do what truly makes you happy. This is worth more than putting a price on something. Self-educating yourself leads to more happiness.

Beginning to self-educate yourself can be the moment that you look back on as the turning point in your life. It will provide so much in wealth of the spirit and pockets that there can’t be a price placed on it.


Read articles online and get books on topics that excite you. It could be in the field of personal finance, self-psychology, or whatever interests you. Keep learning about what you enjoy and there is no telling how far your interest(s) can take you.




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