There always comes a time in life when the show is over. When it is time to move on. Movies end, they don’t just run forever. Unfortunately, not all endings are as concrete as high school and college endings where you have four years in both and that is that. We sometimes need a harsh reality in order to grow as a person and some people are afraid to face the truth and move on. Man must keep evolving and move onto the next platform. Sometimes you have to stand up, take a bow, and leave the stage. Accept reality and move on. The well runs dry at some point in bad habits, jobs, and relationships. All have a point where it is time to get up and go.

There are many relationships, habits, and occupations that need to be ended. There is always the classic abusive relationship where one side is tormented by the other, but the relationship never ends. Where one lives in agony, but doesn’t have the strength to move on. When all options have been exhausted and you know with certainty that your problems aren’t going to be fixed, it is time to face reality and say goodbye. Terrible habits destruct us. Smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, and other self-defeating habits have to end in our lives. These habits can take over our lives and there comes a point where it is time to move on or face serious repercussions. In work, many people waste their life away working at some job under some preconceived notion that they have to do this. They have to do this in order for this and can’t physically take another job. What they don’t realize that you can find other ways. Asking “why” might be the greatest thing you can ask. When somebody tells you have to do something in order to get what you want, you should respond with asking “why.” There is a lot of self-defeating norms we accept in our lives unfortunately. Questioning these norms might help you unlock the truth and help you get on the right path for following your own destiny.

What some of us don’t realize is that the old saying is true, when one door closes another one opens. When one road closes, several more roads are open for the taking. You might feel engulfed with freedom when you have so many options. When you finally open your mind, the floodgate of opportunity overrides you. A new career, a new living, or a new partner. The unknown is exciting and makes you feel alive. Instead of the constant dread of being a part something you don’t enjoy, you will feel the constant rush of uncertainty. Who knows what the future brings? You may as well make your own future happen by taking the reins of your life and making the tough decision to move on from the negative things in your life.

A new bravado awaits for those who take chances. The happy people you know in your life and great people you read about in history books got there by taking chances. Colonel Sanders is living proof it is never too late to try something new. He franchised his fried chicken recipe at the ripe age of 62 for the first time and started his own restaurant empire KFC in his late 60’s. A jolt awaits for you past the next door of opportunity you walk through. This rush of energy might be the change in your life that you need. Closed-mindedness leads to millions of opportunities never being seized because closed people don’t realize they could actually do something they thought they weren’t capable of. If you are having difficulty moving on from something then it is probably a telling sign that you need to open your mind a little bit and embrace the future. Broad-mindedness can bring barrels of joy.

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
Isaac Asimov

When you open your mind, endless opportunities await. You can move on from unhealthy things in your life when you realize living without them is possible. So, go scrub your windows and see what’s outside the box.


Evaluate areas in your life where you are not satisfied. If part of you dies every morning you wake up for your job, look into trying to change your mindset on it or change what you do. Look to fix your relationships by talking about your problems, getting help, and giving your all. If that doesn’t work, move on. If you have self-destructive habits, realize that you can in fact live without them.


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