Get out and see the world. You have no husband or wife. You have no kids. You have no full time job. You have limited financial obligations. You have more freedom in your life now than you will ever have again in your life. So, go travel before life gets in the way. You will learn so much about yourself and the world itself that you can’t put a price value on your experiences. If you want to learn about life itself at an extremely high rate, go travel. It could be the best decision of your life.

Ask any person what one of their dreams in life is and more often than not traveling around the world is one of them. Ask any old folk reflecting on their life what some of their biggest regrets are and one of most common is that they wish they went and saw the world while they were young and healthy. Ask any senior about to graduate college what their greatest experience and regret in college was. Those that went abroad will say going abroad was the best time of their lives and those that didn’t go abroad will say that one of their biggest, if not biggest regret is not studying abroad. With all this information, why not go abroad? All roads lead to Rome so to speak on you traveling abroad while you are young with limited obligations.

There are a couple misconceptions about how expensive it would be and that studying/traveling abroad will hurt you getting a job. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester and traveled thirteen of the sixteen weekends I was there. In overall costs, (including the weekend travel expenses) I spent less traveling through Europe than staying a regular out-of-state semester at Indiana University by ~$2,000. Things are a lot cheaper around the globe and the U.S. dollar can take you a long way.

When potential employers scan through your resume, they are going to look for things that stick out and studying abroad is one that does. Generally the employer will light up and respond to your experiences of going abroad with “man I really wish I did it everyone had a blast that did it” or “I went abroad too and it was amazing” and you will find an instant connection with your interviewer. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, take a chance and go abroad. Employers love to see that you are willing to take a well calculated risk and adventure to a foreign country. Get your potential employers to admire you, go abroad.

Once you start working you are going to start making a salary. It is pretty hard to convince yourself to ditch the paycheck and take off. Take off before you get that first paycheck. Adventure with less money and you will find out how to live on a budget the rest of your life. When you take off for a month(s) with just a backpack or suitcase you will realize how little clothes you need to live. You will learn material items fade in worth whereas as money spent on experiences last a lifetime. If you don’t take the time to travel while you are young, you are going to miss out or put off learning some of the most valuable lessons on money and life. So get out there and find out for yourself how much more valuable experiences are than material objects. It could permanently change your views on a lot of horizons.

Human growth comes from putting oneself out of their comfort zone. To get physically stronger, you have to put your body through pain to gain muscle. The same is with learning and gaining wisdom, you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone and see others perspectives. You want to gain confidence? Go to a foreign speaking country where you don’t know a lick of it and survive there. You will feel like you can conquer the world once you conquer a new city. Put yourself in a foreign speaking country and you will evolve as a person.

Waiting for retirement to travel is no guarantee. You might become sick. You might not have the health to climb that mountain when your 65. A lot can happen in the next 40 years of your life. So, climb the Alps while you still can, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef while you’re able, and explore the Mayan ruins on your two feet. Explore wherever your heart wants to explore. Save yourself from future regret and do it while you are young and physically able. You’ll be happy you did.


Daydream about what countries you want to visit and what landmarks you want to see. Come up with a plan to see these and carve out a time period to travel before life gets in the way.


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