The love your parents have for you is hard to put into words. The love they have for you will bring them to their knees. It will bring tears to their eyes. It will drive them to the ends of the world to help you. It will keep them up at nights. It will cause them to challenge everything they ever believed. It will cause them to be the best that they can. The love your parents have for you is hard to comprehend. Whether you realize it or not now, you, the child, are the epicenter of your parent’s thoughts and actions. It took me many years to realize this.

I never understood the depths of love a parent has for their child until I stepped foot in the British WWII Bayeux War Memorial in Normandy. It almost isn’t human to walk through the cemetery and read each tombstone’s epitaph with a dry eye. The field is covered in epitaphs from loving parents who were devastated by their son’s death. These three stayed with me:

Private P.J. McCourt age 20, “To the world, he was one. To us, he was the world. Our lady and Saint Anne, Pray for him”

Signalman P.H. Ellis age 21, “My only child, He gave his all. Till we meet again. Mother”

Signalman L.C. Grotier age 22, “Time heals they say, but memories cling. And so does love. Mum and Dad”

You are loved by your parents.

The words “I love you” might not be words that you hear every day, but that does not mean they do not ring true. Some different cultures and generations do not embrace showing love for their children. Some children might not hear “I love you enough”, but it will not change the fact that you are loved. Many parents begin to have a meaning in their lives when you are born. They have something greater in life to live for than themselves. It may take you until the day you have a child of your own to comprehend the love your parents have for you. You will feel grateful for all that your parents sacrificed and did for you when you become one yourself.

“The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself. The love of a parent for a child is continuous and transcends heartbreak and disappointment.” James E. Faust

I hope this has helped you realize how much your parents love you.




Send your love to your family today.


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