The best days in life are the ones where you jump out of bed with a smile on your face and a hop in your step because you are so excited for what the day will bring. Everything is a little easier and more joyful when you have a definite purpose for your day. How often are you jumping out of bed in the morning? Once a week? Once a month? If you are not flying out of bed almost every morning then there is passion lacking in your life. Every day can in fact be like Christmas morning if you are following your calling and spending your day doing what you love. Don’t settle for an “okay” job that will give you happiness when you can retire a few years earlier. You will spend your entire adult life delaying happiness until the day you retire, but we all know tomorrow is not guaranteed. Let alone twenty or thirty years from now. At any point you can fall ill or even worse die knowing that you didn’t get your happiness so, why delay doing the things you love in life? When you are truly doing something that brings you joy you won’t be thinking “I have this many more years until retirement”. You will be thinking “okay, how can I keep myself healthy enough so I can live longer and keep doing this until my 80’s and beyond.” If you are doing what you love and following your passions, you will improve your overall life in areas you don’t even think of.

Finding something that excites you is imperative to success in college, work, and life. If you don’t have that something(s) in your life, your life will always be dull and you will be missing something. So, search and find out what excites or interests you. Whatever it is arts, science, writing, business, sports, medicine or whatever it may be acknowledge it and get after it. Find out what gets you going and follow it. Or else you’ll end up just moping around watching your life miserably go by instead of enjoying it every step of the way.

Study something that excites you, not what excites your parents. Study something that you spend time outside of class reading or thinking about. You can follow your parent’s wishes and become a lawyer, accountant, or doctor on the road to misery. Or you can follow your passion into new heights of ecstasy. Where you can look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “I love what I do”, even if it’s 80 hours a week you’re registering. This work for many might not initially pay much, but it can lead to more either in the form of fulfillment or future business endeavors. You might feel more fulfillment in a job or field that gives you zest for life that your friends who followed their parent’s desires instead of their own are massively jealous of you. Passion is contagious and breeds followers. The man who walks with a sense of purpose will have others step aside to let him through and follow him. Passion brings joy. Passion brings fulfillment. Passion gets you to jump out of the bed in the morning.

Study or work in whatever field gives you joy and puts you closer to achieving your goals. If your parents are adamantly against your passions, do not listen to them. I repeat, do not listen to anyone that tells you to not follow your passion (so long as your passion does not bring any harm to others or yourself). As my grandpa told me what he thought were his parting words in the hospital, “listen to your heart and don’t listen to a damn person who tells you otherwise.” Your parents are projecting their own fears on you if they don’t support your passion. Instead, follow your passion, come up with a plan on how to succeed in your passion and get after it.


Write down the activities, events, and things that you look forward to most at any stage in your life. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Come up with a plan of action to get the things you enjoy most in your life into your life again. Put it on your schedule to go to a club, sporting event, or block out a time slot in your week to pursue whatever it is that brings you the most joy.


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